Welcome to Windham HIgh School Girl's Lacrosse

Windham Lacrosse

Important Dates

Senior Game:  Friday, May 18 at 3:45 PM


Quarter Finals:

Semi Finals:

Championship Game:

Spring Awards Night:  TBA

Senior Banquet: 

Sunday, June 10th at 5 PM at the Castleton

Weekly Schedule

Week of April 23

Friday 4/20
4:00 - 6:00 PM Varsity Only
4 PM Film in Coach Ellins' room
Practice to Follow

Saturday 4/21
No practice

Sunday 4/22 
5:30 - 7:00 PM Varsity only Practice
Varsity Team Dinner at Lily Perkins

 following practice
33 Londonderry Road 

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Monday 4/23
4:30 PM Varsity game vs Portsmouth at WHS 

Tuesday 4/24 
4:00 PM Varsity and JV Practice

Wednesday 4/25
4:00 PM Varsity game vs Hanover at WHS 
JV game immediately following

Thursday 4/26
4:00 PM Varsity and JV Practice


Friday 4/27 
2:10 Bus Departure
5:00 Varsity game vs Hanover at Hanover 
JV game immediately following
41 Lebanon Street, Hanover, NH

Saturday and Sunday
No practice


Away Game Water and Snacks

Please sign up to bring water or snacks  on Sign Up Genius:

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Please deliver the water and snacks to the high school by 1 PM.

  Clearly label the items Girls Lacrosse.

Leave items on the drop off table at the front entrance of the high school.

 Thank you!

Sandwiches for Away Games

The sandwiches are from 33 Hilltop.  

The cost of the sandwiches are $50 for the regular season.   

Please give $50 cash or check to Michelle Farrell.  

Team Dinners

Please sign up to host on sign up genius. 

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Lilly's Breakfast for Dinner Team Party

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We will probably add one or two more team dinners during playoffs.

What to bring:

Freshmen - Drinks

Sophomores - Snacks

Juniors - Desserts


Coach Maura Murphy-Head Varsity Coach

Coach Sarah Ellins-JV Coach

Coach Julie Chase-Assistant Coach JV/Varsity

Coach Diana Kraus-Goalie Coach

Coach Bryon Murphy-Volunteer Assistant Coach


WHS Lax Player Card (xlsx)